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Many of our clients share their stories with us, and we would like to share some of them with you.

Simon's Story

In March 2009, we were referred to your office by our veterinarian, sadly because Simon, our wonderful orange cat’s biopsy was positive for fibrosarcoma grade 3. After testing and discussion, it was determined that in order to give Simon the best chance of beating this, he needed to undergo further wide resection of the tumor site, attempting to get any microscopic disease present.

I was amazed at the size of the excised tissue and just as surprised at the ample tissue a cat possesses.  Simon’s down time was only 2 days and then he was truly back to himself.  Within 4 months all his fur had grown back.

We were ecstatic that it has been over 1 year and Simon shows no signs of reoccurrence.  We really can’t thank you and your staff enough for the incredible care you provided Simon.  Although we know that the fibrosarcoma could recur, we are very thankful for the additional time you’ve given us with our very unique and special cat Simon.  Time is the greatest gift of all. 

With much gratitude,


Daisy's Story

Miracle's Story

                                        Dear Doctor,

Thank you for my good one year checkup!  I “wuf” your kindness to me.  My mom and I appreciate all your time and generosity and care.  

Just thought I’d give you a picture to remember me by!

Your friend,


Teddy's Story

                                                           Dear Dr. Joyce, Nurse Kathy and my staff of sweathearts:

When my family discovered I had cancer, they cried and cried for days. I got real depressed too! Who knew the little bump in my behind could end my life???

Having cancer was pretty scary; my family didn't know how it could be overcome. Then, we met all of you who gave me hope and lots of loving.

As much as I enjoyed coming to your clinic to see my animal friends and all the pretty staffers, that radiation table is not something I call a "walk in the park"! I didn't care much for that part of the visit but I like all the attention! As for my little bald butt...my family makes me wear underpants when I suntan(they can be so embarrassing!).

But...here it it is one year later and I am cancer free! I am a very lucky pup because of all of you! If needed, I would do it all again. Thnak you for turning our pain back to happiness. I love you all from the bottom of my heart!

Licks & Kisses


The little dog with the big personality.

July 9, 2008: Teddy was treated at ACIC with radiation therapy in May of 2001 for an incompletely excised soft tissue sarcoma over the rump area. This letter was written and picture taken one year after completeing treatment. His cancer was ultimately cured and he lived another 5 years beyond his radiation therapy. Teddy was such a loving , happy spirit although he is missed, we will never forget him.