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This information is provided courtesy of Gail Bishop: Grief counselor, Fort Collins, Colorado.

Give yourself permission to grieve.  Only you know how much this relationship meant to you and only you know how much you hurt because of the loss.  Allow yourself the time and space to grieve.

Rest-relax-exercise: Grief is an exhausting experience emotionally.  Allow time to replenish yourself.

Surround yourself with people who understand. Now, more than ever, you need to have supportive, loving people around you.  Allow others to care for you. It’s their way of helping and it can be healing for you.

Educate yourself about the grief process.  Knowing what you are experiencing helps normalize an experience that feels anything but normal.

Acknowledge your feelings. Talk or write about your feelings as this can help sort them out.

Allow yourself small pleasures.  Sometimes it’s the everyday little pleasures that serve as small steps in your healing process.  Sunsets, a favorite food, an accomplishment or helping someone else are all ways in which you can begin to enjoy life again.

Be patient with yourself.  Grieving the loss of a significant relationship takes time, much more time than society sanctions, so go easy on yourself!

Give yourself permission to backslide. The nature of grief can be compared to riding a roller coaster.  One day you may be feeling good only to wake up the next day in the depths of despair. This is normal. Certain memories, sights or smells can trigger tears, sadness, and other feelings of grief.  Again, be patient with yourself.

Seek professional assistance if necessary.  If you feel suicidal, “stuck” in your grief process, or uncomfortable with how you are handling your loss, seek assistance. Please do not feel like you have to work through this alone.

Get in touch with your higher power.  Many people derive an enormous amount of support from their religious or spiritual beliefs. This belief alone can often sustain you when other support systems cannot.

Identify what has helped you in the past.  You already have a wealth of coping mechanisms that you have been using all of your life. Try to identify and implement them.